Useful questions

I am having trouble registering
Interpretty does not allow multiple accounts to use the same email address. Please make sure your email address is not associated with another Interpretty client or interpreter account.
I have forgotten my password
If you have forgotten your password, you can set a new password. Just enter the email address you used to register and Interpretty will automatically send you a new password. Remember you can always change your password in your profile
I want to delete my account
In order to close your account, you need to send email to
What is the difference between marketplace jobs and private jobs?
Marketplace jobs are the jobs you publish in Interpretty. These jobs are public, so that all interpreters can see the jobs and make an offer. You will then receive the offers and choose an interpreter. Payments are made through Interpretty’s FairPay procedure.

Private jobs are the jobs you publish in the Interpreter’s private portal. The PREMIUM members of Interpretty can publish a private portal and invite their own clients to publish a job. All the job you publish in this private portal will only be available to this Interpreter.

A FREE member can always invite you to use the marketplace and save him as favourite. You can publish a job in the marketplace only for your favourite interpreters.
Can I consult the list of interpreters?
Interpretty’s marketplace is not a directory of interpreters and their fare is not public. You can publish a job in the marketplace and receive offers from the interpreters. The transaction remains private between you and the interpreter so that the interpreters do not directly compete on price only. You can choose the best offer and the best interpreter based on his price for this job but also on his motivation, knowledge and experience.
How do I publish a job?
When you are logged as a client, you can easily publish a job.

All you need to do to publish a job is the date and time of the interpretation, deadline to receive the offers, duration, languages, specialty, and eventually a description. You can add an attachment.

You can publish planned jobs and jobs for today. When you publish a job for today (same day, with a minimum of 30min and less than 12 hours), you leave only 15 minutes for the interpreters to make their offers. When you publish a planned job, make sure you leave at least 15 minutes between the deadline and the job date for the interpreter´s to send their offer.
How do I pay the interpreter?
All jobs of the marketplace are paid using Interpretty‘s FairPay procedure. This procedure is as follows:

- When you have chosen an interpreter, you will have to deposit immediately or at least 72 hours before the interpretation the payment for the interpreter to Interpretty’s account via our paypal payment platform (with a credit card or a paypal account). Price must include Tax / VAT (if needed). The client and the interpreter will both know at any time the status of the payment "not yet deposited" or "deposited".

The payment can be made by using payment card (debit or credit) or via using a PayPal account.

- If you are satisfied when the job is done, the payment will be release from the Interpretty’s account to the interpreter. The interpreter will invoice you. Interpretty is not responsible for issuing the invoice.

- If tou are not satisfied when the job is done, you will have 24 hours to open an issue. The deposited amount will then be withheld by Interpretty until the issue is solved. Complete or partial devolution are possible and negotiated by the client and the interpreter with Interpretty’s supervision if required.
Can I cancel a planned job?
Of course, you can cancel your job anytime you need. The cancellation is governed by the following rules:

- If the job is cancelled in more than 72 hours before the start of interpreting, you are refunded 100% of the deposit.

- If the job is cancelled in between 72 and 24 hours before the start of interpreting, you are refunded 50% of the deposit.

- There are no refunds for jobs cancelled in less than 24 hours before the start of interpreting.
Requirements to use the system?
PC Windows or Mac and any recent browser with Adobe Flash installed. For an optimum audio and video quality we recommend ADSL, headphone and microphone. A bandwith test is performed but only prohibit access with very low bandwidth and let the interpretation to be made with poor quality. The system will scan your system in order to determine if you can make the call.
Video and audio quality?
We recommend ADSL for an optimum audio and video quality. A bandwith test is performed but only prohibite access with very low bandwith and let the interpration to be made with poor quality.
I cannot see my webcam.
Make sure it is well connected and that you don’t use any other application using your webcam at the same time. You can also enter Adobe´Flash setting by rigth clicking on the image and then allow Adobe to use your speakers and webcam.