About Interpretty

Interpretty is a meeting place for clients looking for the most appropriate interpreter to meet their needs, and for interpreters who wish to be always available to their clients, or who wish to meet new clients. It is a web portal that enables online video interpretation with a high degree of security.

Video interpretation is performed via the Phemium platform, written in Spain by the Androme company and currently used in the area of telemedicine.

Interpretty allows interpreters to fully utilize the possibilities of the Internet to acquire new and interesting clients anywhere in the world, while working from the comfort of home. Its goal is to provide interpreters a pleasant environment for their work, and ensure that they receive proper compensation for their efforts. Towards this end, Interpretty has developed a special payment system called FairPay. Interpreters need not concern themselves with issues regarding pay and may fully concentrate on their work.

Clients, on the other hand, may use Interpretty to locate the most appropriate interpreter for their needs, not only from the standpoint of skill and experience, but also price. There is no need for concern when using services procured over the Internet, since the FairPay system developed by Interpretty guarantees that they will pay only for quality interpretation.

Interpretation services may be secured on very short notice, since Interpretty is very simple to use, for both interpreters and clients.

The future has never been so accessible.