You have 24 hours to open an issue.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of interpretation provided, you can open an issue within one day after the end of the interpretation.

What is an issue?

An issue is a warranty tool, intended to ensure that you only pay for high quality work. When you raise an issue, your already paid deposit is held in Interpretty's escrow account until the dispute is resolved. If you cannot resolve the dispute directly with the interpreter, you may ask Interpretty to step in and assist in mediating the issue. It is in our interest to help find a solution acceptable to both parties as quickly as possible.

Raise an issue

Be safe with Fair Pay

Interpretty FairPay means security and easy cooperation for both client and interpreter.

For the interpreter, it means a payment guarantee, as money is deposited before the interpreting job starts.

For the client, it means a quality guarantee – it is fair to pay for job done well, and it is fair not to pay when the client is not satisfied with the service provided.

Much like a real estate escrow account, this is how Interpretty FairPay ensures not only fair payment, but also high quality interpreting services.


In case of technical problems, there is no refund to the client and the interpreter is paid the full amount. Both client and interpreter are encouraged to test their hardware and software before the start of an interpretation. (Interpretty, at its option, might review possible issues and decide to proceed differently).

There is a 100% refund for jobs cancelled 72 or more hours before the start of the job, and a 50% refund for cancellation announced between 12 and 72 hours before the start of interpretation. When the job is cancelled less than 12 hours before scheduled commencement, the full deposit is paid to the interpreter.

The refund policy does not include a shorter duration of interpretation than planned. For example, if the client contracts a two-hour job, payment for two hours is collected and disbursed to the interpreter, even if the actual interpretation only lasts one hour. The client may contract for one hour and extend it at the end of the first hour, if there is uncertainty about the expected duration. Of course, this is subject to the continued availability of the interpreter.

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